Pokemon Cafe Mix Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

While definitely not the biggest surprise of last week’s Pokemon Presents livestream, the announcement of Pokemon Cafe Mix was an unexpected addition. The free-to-play puzzle game was announced for both Switch and mobile devices, but the most surprising part was the release date: it’s available to play now (on Switch, at least).

The puzzle game revolves around a cafe where Pokemon visit, and to serve your customers you need to clear rows of Pokemon icons by dragging like types together. Finishing puzzles will increase your friendship rating with Pokemon, leading to cafe upgrades and new customers. If you’re playing on Switch, the game must be played in handheld mode with the touch screen.

The same livestream that debuted Cafe Mix also announced a new Pokemon Snap, a toothbrushing app called Pokemon Smile to encourage good dental hygiene habits, and in-game events for Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Go. It also coincided with the release of the Isle of Armor, the first expansion DLC for Sword and Shield.

The game is playable right now on Switch; it would not let us download off the Australian App Store on iOS just yet. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update once it’s available on mobile too.

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