Pokemon Go’s Bug Out Event Now Live, Adds A New Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Go‘s solstice celebration has ended, but a new event is underway in the game. The Bug Out is now live until 10 PM local time on July 1, giving you a chance to catch lots of Bug types and earn other rewards.

Throughout the event, Bug Pokemon like Scyther, Venipede, and Dwebble will be appearing in the wild and Raid Battles much more often than usual, and you’ll have a greater chance of hatching Bug types from 5 km eggs. You’ll also have your first opportunity to catch another new Shiny Pokemon: Shiny Dwebble.

Additionally, certain Bug Pokemon will be lured out by Incense at specific times during the event. You’ll have a much better chance of attracting the following Pokemon during the specified time frames when you use an Incense:

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