Predator: Hunting Grounds 1.05 Patch Notes Include AI Fixes

Predator: Hunting Grounds only released last week, but the game has already received a new hotfix patch that aims to improve the multiplayer experience and add more polish. The patch notes for the game’s update 1.05 focus heavily on user interface and improving AI.

The update splits fixes into four different categories, which you can see in full below. They include fixes for issues involving customization items permanently showing as new, objectives being made impossible, collision issues, and matchmaking issues. The titular Predator also got tweaks to its thermal vision and a “Target Isolation” prompt.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetric multiplayer game from Illfonic, the developers behind Friday The 13th: The Game. Though the latter game received fairly scathing reviews, it found an audience with fans of campy and over-the-top slasher movies.

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