PS5’s “Blitz-Fast” Load Times Let Hitman 3 Encourage Even More Experimentation

Hitman III was announced a month ago during Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event, and it looks like business as usual for Agent 47 as he travels the world and hunts down new targets. Hitman players are no strangers to maps that require several runs so that they can familiarize themselves with every nuance of the levels that their targets inhabit, but Hitman III may be focusing on trial and error more than ever thanks to consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and its SSD technology that allows for “blitz-fast” load times.

“Hitman III is going to mark yet another big leap forward for our technology, driven and inspired by the capabilities of the PlayStation 5,” Game Director Mattias Engström said to PlayStation Official Magazine via WCCFTech.

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