PUBG Mobile: 5 tips to improve drone game on Cold Front Survival

PUBG Mobile has a new mode called Cold Front Survival which redefines the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ term. This feature brings hostile weather conditions as a new element to the game. Players are airdropped into the stark and snowy realms of Vikendi, and have to maintain body temperature amid the periodic arctic storms adds a whole new layer of difficulty to the game. And that’s not all, you must also counter your enemies and put your best survival tactics from the battleground to use to emerge as the last player standing.

From fighting off hypothermia by seeking shelter and gathering branches to light a fire to deploying snowboards to swiftly traverse the map, this mode is truly full of surprises. Supplementing the new gameplay mode, PUBG Mobile’s remote-controlled debut drones are an exciting add on to help you put your best foot forward. Not only will this help players scout the area before they intervene but also help you spring on to opponents in defensive positions by tracing their exact hideout.

Tips and tricks to effectively pilot a drone

– Launch the drone in a safe spot: While this mode gives players complete control of the drone to navigate the area, you must keep in mind that your character will be standing completely still in the process. Hence, it is of utmost importance to launch the drone in a safe area to avoid a surprise attack from enemies.

– You have the power, but you are not invisible: While the drone comes with an array of advantages, enemies will easily be able to spot your drone soaring through the map. So, ensure you use it effectively and be on the lookout for danger.

– Time is money: The Drone has limited energy that allows players to use it only for a total of 5 minutes, so make sure you make the most of it.

– Branches and chickens for the win: To keep your body temperature high, players need to collect branches that will enable them to light fires. Players can use the drones to scout the chickens lingering about the map and roast them when the blizzard is approaching. Cooking and consuming the chickens will help players keep warm and steer clear from any damage.

– Make your mark: Another fleeting advantage the drone gives you is the ability to mark a location or structure that is beyond your line of sight. While you seek refuge during a blizzard, you can spot nearby fire locations on the map and then send your drone to that location and mark it the ‘Universal Mark’ option. Once the blizzard stops, you can then rush to that location with your squad.