PUBG Mobile: All you need to know about using Flare Guns

PUBG Mobile: All you need to know about using Flare Guns

Flare guns have been part of PUBG Mobile for a while now and it dictates a lot of strategies in the game. A rare find but a game-changer, the flare gun is scattered all over the map and comes with the opportunity of calling in only one drop, however, the single drop can help you and the rest of your squad get closer to that chicken dinner.

In light of the flare gun being such an important and dangerous weapon, it is important that we not only look for it in the right places but also use it to its maximum capabilities.

Here are the best places on the map to get flare guns

1. Georgopol: Users have a high probability of finding a flare gun here. The three warehouses as well as the containers more often than not have this. However, it is a high risk area as most experienced players land here in hopes of some good loot and guaranteed kills.

2. Sosnovka Military Base: Another popular drop and high risk area, the military base is a great place to find a flare gun. Usually found hidden within the tall buildings, caves, observatory or factory. Since it’s a large area to hunt down the flare, make sure your squad is with you to ensure cover against any approaching enemies.

3. Novorepnoye: An area with a high loot spawn, makes this another favorite for pro players. Within the numerous crates and warehouses you may find yourself a flare gun.

4. Mylta Power: If you’re a mid-level user, still getting used to the grind of PUBG Mobile but you’re with a squad of some experienced players, this is the perfect drop for you. While the chances of surprise attacks are high, all the loot lies in the range of one big building which makes it easier for the team to cover each other to the maximum of their ability. While there is not always a guaranteed flare gun here, you still have a chance if luck prevails.

5. The Shooting Range: The ultimate drop for newbies trying to get their hands on their first flare gun. The risk factor comes down slightly as most pro players prefer other drops to this. But you will definitely have to take out some squads who are also trying their luck here. The top of the boxes are the best places to land a flare gun. Being a small area it is easy to sweep in here early, get your hands on the loot and be on your way.

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Tips and tricks

– Out in the open: Make sure that you fire the flare gun in an open space, which also allows you to seek cover. This gun is noisy, hence the shots fired can reveal your location, so make sure you hide in a secure space while waiting for the drop to land.

– Be on your toes: A lit up flare draws the eyes on many opponents, so in order to loot what is rightfully yours while keeping your safety as your top priority, make sure you loot as swiftly as possible and relocate immediately.

– The perfect ambush: For players that not only wish to secure the loot that comes with the drop, but also want to get a few good headshots while they’re at it, make sure to get high ground over approaching enemies in a safe hiding spot. Clear out your opponents and then make way to the goodies.

– There’s no I in Team: To win as a team, you need to play as a team. While some players may want all the loot from the drop to themselves, this could cost them the game if they miscalculate the probability of a surprise attack. Inform your team members, and together choose the best place on the map to call for the drop. While 2 can loot, the others can cover them. Teams can decide amongst themselves, which player keeps what based on overall skill and who landed the flare guns.

– Sufficient stock of loot: Drops cannot be the only thing players rely on for loot. Before firing your flare, ensure that you have a sufficient set of guns, ammunition as well as health supplies as you may have to engage in a brawl to get to the drop.

– Patience is a virtue: After the drop lands, don’t let your excitement get the better of you. There’s always more than meets the eye, make sure you wait to see if anyone else has their eye on the same drop before you head for the loot.

– Scope them out: A good DMR like an SKS, equipped with a 6x or 4x scope is something players should have before they fire the flare. This will help you scope out the area and get some precise kills of lurking enemies before you and your squad expose yourselves.