PUBG Mobile: Dark-Ops Agent and Aurora Pulse M16A4 now available in the game

PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has just launched some new in-game elements. According to the teasers available online, players can now get the Dark-Ops set or the new Aurora Pulse – M16A4 weapon. PUBG Corp made the official announcement regarding the availability of the items on its official Twitter account. The availability comes days after posting several teasers about these items. As part of the announcement, the company also revealed the different ways to get these in-game items. Let’s check out how to get both the items in PUBG Mobile here.

PUBG Mobile: Here is how to get the new game items

As per the announcement, the Dark-Ops Agent set is available through the Premium Crates in the game. The set also comes with multiple in-game items. These include the character outfit, Dark-Ops Agent Headgear. PUBG Mobile players need to purchase premium crates to try and win this in-game character skin. However, each in-game Premium Crate is priced at 120 UC or “Unknown Cash”, the in-game currency. If the player wants more changes then they can get 10 crates at a discounted price of 1080UC instead of 1200UC. One should be aware that they can win the same item in multiple crates.

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Talking about the Aurora Pulse M16A4, users can get this new item through the in-game Lucky Spin. Beyond the M16A4 weapon, players can get multiple in-game items. Similar to crates, each attempt at the Lucky Spin requires UC. One spin costs 50UC while 10 spins will cost 600UC. However, PUBG Mobile is currently offering discounts on the spins by pricing one spin at 10UC. As part of the discounts, 10 spins will cost 540UC.

Players can earn UC through in-game events or purchase them with real money. Overall, the Lucky Spin offers 12 different in-game items. It is also worth noting that players can win one particular item multiple times in the spin. This means that winning the new weapon completely depends on your luck.