PUBG Mobile: Jade Mysteries set pre-order available on a discount

PUBG Corp, the company behind PUBG Mobile is gearing up to launch a new in-game items pack. As part of the preparations, the company is offering an impressive pre-order discount deal to interested buyers. Taking a closer look, we are talking about the upcoming Jade Mysteries set in the PUBG Mobile game. Interested buyers need to make the purchase by the end of the day to get the discount and more content. PUBG Corp also revealed that it will continue to offer pre-orders but without any discount. PUBG Mobile players will also get a time-limited offer to get their hands on this new set. These offers are part of the “Ramadan Pre-order event”. Let’s check out more details here.

PUBG Mobile Jade Mysteries set offer details

The company highlighted the offer details in a recent tweet on its official Twitter account. Potential buyers can access this offer by finding it in the offers section on the home screen. PUBG Mobile players can find this section in the bottom right section on the homepage with several other offers. As part of the offer, pre-orders before the end of April 27 will provide a 20 times discount. It will also come with an exclusive pack along with Jade Mysteries set. This means that users will get a discount of 200 Unknown Cash (UC) if they deposit 10 UC. This will extend to 400UC if they deposit 20UC for the Jade Mysteries set.

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Players can still pre-order the set after the end of the day. However, this offer does not come with any discount like the current offer. This offer will start on April 28 and end on April 30. Beyond this, the set will be available as part of a limited offer sale from May 1, to May 14.

The pricing likely confirms that the set of in-game accessories is just a direct set. Users will not get crates to get the Jade Mysteries set. Instead, it is simple, pay the price and get all the accessories to use in a PUBG Mobile.