PUBG Mobile Lite Beta gets 0.17.0 update, brings Payload mode

The devs of PUBG Mobile Lite Beta have released a new update numbered at 0.17.0. This new update from Tencent Games brings one of the most popular modes from PUBG Mobile to the beta version of the Lite game. Payload mode includes helicopters and a slew of heavy weapons in it. This is a rather popular mode in the Playlab section of  the game. Besides this apparently the pet feature has also been added to the beta version of the game in this update.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 ‘Varenga in Bloom’ update details

As per the announcement, the game developer has added “Cherry Blossom” in the Varenga map in the game. Here, players can search for “Picnic Baskets” under particular trees. The boxes will contain Flare guns or “festive Paint Grenades”. Players can use the Flare guns to call “Super airdrops with powerful weapons” while the grenades release colorful paint. This paint can dye the player in sprint colors. In addition, the company has also made some additional changes to the app. Inspecting the changes, we get a new shelter with resources towards the North of the map. It also added more roads that lead to the Urban area along with small changes in the industrial area.

Players can also level up weapons to unlock more experience. In addition, the company has also added an option to quickly switch to the secondary weapon and fire. To clarify, this option is available for a very short time when the player is reloading the main weapon. PUBG Corp also combined the Classic mode and PlayLab mode to create a new Battle Royale mode.

The PUBG Mobile Lite update also brings a number of new features to the game. These benefits include Career results, Room cards, and a new Character UI. It also confirmed adding support for French, Arabic, and Spanish. As part of the language support, the company is also rolling out PUBG Mobile Lite to some parts in South Asia, Africa, and Europe.