PUBG Mobile Season 13 Battle Royale Pass items leak online; New sets, characters, and outfits

PUBG Corp is working on the next Season for its popular Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile. The company is testing the Season 13 update for the game behind the scenes. This new season is expected to land on May 12, 2020. However, some reports have also indicated that this new season may be delayed because of coronavirus. Regardless, multiple new videos have surfaced online highlighting some Season 13 information. This includes the Season 13 Battle Royale pass items including new sets, characters, outfits, weapons, items, and more. Let’s check out all the leaked details about the upcoming PUBG Mobile season here.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Battle Royale Pass leaks; details

According to several videos from the YouTube channel “Priyank Gaming” and “Mr.Ghost Gaming“, we now know some of the upcoming Season 13 content. First, let’s talk about the sets that PUBG Mobile players will have the chance to access in the coming weeks. These include the Army Men set, Fire Ranger set, Nebula Hero set, and Puppet Agent set advanced. Other sets include Puppet Agent set intermediate, basic, and Rock ‘n’ Roll set. The game will also offer multiple headgears including the Fire Ranger, Nebula Hero, and Captain Hawk headgears. We can also see a new character called Captain Hawk though the video does not show other characters hinted above. These include the Fire Ranger and Nebula Hero.

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The company will also introduce new medals in the new season including Ace Title, Conqueror Title, with new name tags. PUBG Mobile players will also get the chance to get new weapons and weapon skins in the new season. These include Rock ‘n’ Roll AUG, Season 13 AUG, Toy Alliance Vector, P92, and Captain Hawk Smoke Grenade.

Players will also get the chance to earn the Season-13 outfit, Ace Parachute, Pineapple Price ornament, and Graffiti Tag pan. Other items mentioned in the video include the Rock ‘n’ Roll helmet, parachute, 8-bit Fort Finish, and new graffiti.