PUBG Mobile: The Wasteland Survivor is now available

There’s a new Wasteland Survivor set that has been made available on PUBG Mobile. This new set is available as part of the Premium Crates that is available in the game. This new set looks like a classic astronaut suit that has been colored. It has a green color theme with red and yellow highlights. This can be obtained by opening the Premium Crate which can be found in the shop section of the PUBG Mobile.

Besides this the devs have announced that Ranked TDM mode is now live in the game. This is not the only new mode to be added to the game. Another new mode has been added called the PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode. The company clarified that this mode is available as part of EvoGround game mode selection. This means that the new mode is widely available for players as part of the new update. At the same time, the company also shared a short video to highlight the different features of the mode. The video also outlines some important tips and tricks that players need to keep in mind while playing on the new mode.

Arctic Mode is a special gameplay mode in Vikendi where players have to compete against two elements. The first element here is all the rival players on the map while the second one is the environmental cold. The company claims that this mode features “extreme gameplay”. As per the information available, the cold weather will occur periodically during the gameplay. If and when the player is exposed to this cold, there is a new health bar signifying the body temperature. In case a player does not keep a tab on this bar, hypothermia may occur. To combat the cold weather, players need to find any shelter and start a fire inside.

Players need to gather branches to start the fire before the storm sets in. In addition, the players can also use the first to roast some meat to gain some warmth. It is also interesting to note that all the fires will be visible on the map. This means that your safe sport with fire will attract other players around. The developer has also added new items in this mode along with some new game-play elements. These include heaters, health packs, remote-controlled drones, and snow-mobiles. PUBG Corp rolled out this new mode along with the latest update.