PUBG shares fun stats from the season 6 of the game

The devs of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has shared some fun facts about Season 7 on social media. These have been shared in the form of info-graphics. While Karakin map was the highlight of Season 6, the other maps also had some interesting stats. The developers of PUBG are in the habit of dropping some stats from time to time.

Fun PUBG stats from Season 6:

The first infographic shares some stats from Karakin which include top three drop locations. These are Bashara, Bahr Sahir and Hadiqa Nemo. These three locations are on the three edges of the map. The other fact in this infographic is that players have earned 12,395,728 chicken dinners on the Karakin map.

The second infographic also deals with the Karakin map. And the first info shared shows that 753,772,449 players have landed on the Karakin map since its launch with this season. And the other info deals with how many rocks were thrown in the pre-game by the players. Players are equipped with rocks they can throw at each other to pass the time in Karakin. And players threw 2,133,805,590 rocks in the game already.

The next stat deals with some of the bigger maps like Erangel and Miramar. The first stat shows 10,816 players were killed with the motor glider. The second one also deals with the motor glider, and this is how many crashes. Players crashed 3,644,875 motor gliders in the game.

The last infograpgic also shows stats from Karakin, since the numbers deal with the items from the map. The first one shows that 224,470,442 walls were destroyed with the newly launched sticky bombs in the Karakin map. Black zone which was also introduced with the Karakin map saw a total of 134,166,968 bombardments.

These fun facts bring some perspective to the game. Besides these also promote just how many players are playing the game as well.