Qualcomm rumoured to launch Snapdragon 865 Plus in July

Qualcomm could launch the mid-year successor to its flagship processor next month. According to reliable tipster Ice Universe, the company is likely to announce Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset in July. So if there aren’t any delays owing to the pandemic, the new chipset could be unleashed very soon.

The company hasn’t shared any details for the launch till now but it’s possible they could reveal more in the coming weeks.

And if that happens, expect a slew of flagship devices to pack the new chipset later this year. The launch timeline is just a month before Samsung rolls out the new Galaxy Note and Fold series. It’s possible Qualcomm and Samsung have already worked together with the new processor for the new devices. This Plus version could also be offered with the OnePlus mid-year addition, the 8T series later this year.

Going by the trends, we expect the SD 865 Plus to offer improved performance, deliver more for the cameras and add enhanced AI features for better computing. This will obviously support 5G connectivity, making it the fifth chipset in the Snapdragon family to offer the latest network.

Qualcomm 5G chipset for affordable phones

Qualcomm added the Snapdragon 690 to its 5G chipset fleet few weeks back. This new chipset comes with 5G support, bringing the next generation of mobile telephony to more affordable price point.Snapdragon 690 is an evolution from Snapdragon 675. It brings features that become available in a Snapdragon 6 Series platform for the first time including 5G.

The chipset comes with Snapdragon X51 5G modem offering download speeds up to 2.5Gbps. Qualcomm says that it expects smartphones with Snapdragon 690 to be priced in the $300 to $500 price segment. The first set of devices with this new chipset will come from HMD Global, Motorola, TCL, LG Electronics, Sharp and Wingtech.

In fact, HMD Global has already confirmed it will launch its Nokia phone with this processor, offering 5G support very soon.