Rainbow Six Siege Nerfs Ying Following Feedback

Ubisoft has rolled out an unscheduled patch for Rainbow Six Siege on PC following the feedback in regards to Ying’s overpowered Candelas. The patch also fixes a MMR rollback bug and places a restriction on XP gains in Training Grounds.

Back in April, Ubisoft brought about major reforms to several Operators, including Ying. Before this update, Ying was in desperate need of buffing. Unfortunately, it seems that Ubisoft gave Ying too much of a buff and has decided to reel back her Candelas from four to three. Currently, Ying players are experiencing a reign of terror online, but that’s all about to end with this update.

The Candela charge gave the character a big edge in wiping out a defending teams’ anti-grenade gadgets, with enough explosive power left over to finish off everyone on the site as well.

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