Red Dead Redemption 2 Actors Speak About A Mission That Got Cut

Like many creative endeavors, not everything that was planned for Red Dead Redemption 2 made it into the game. The studio already spoke about how five hours of content was cut, and now the actors who play Dutch and Arthur Morgan have shared more insight on the content that was cut from the game.

Speaking to GameSpot, Arthur Morgan actor Roger Clark said Rockstar decided to cut one mission involving Arthur and Dutch. We don’t know the full context of the scene, but Morgan said it involved an action sequence on a train. “There was one that got cut that was kind of fun where we take out some Boston bounty hunters on a train,” he said.

Benjamin Byron Davis, who plays Dutch, said of this mission: “We spent a lot of time on that. That was going to be … oh, I hate that that got cut. It got cut because I guess they couldn’t get it up to snuff.”

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