Report: PS5 Supply May Be Constrained This Year

Sony is still planning to launch its PlayStation 5 this year, but supply may be constrained. The company is reportedly planning to produce fewer launch units of its new console than it had for the PlayStation 4.

Bloomberg reports that an expected high price at launch will result in lower demand, leading to a decrease in production. As a result, the company is only planning to make 5-6 million units by March 2021. This is as compared to the PS4 launch in 2013, when Sony sold 7.5 million units in the same period. Competition may be driving the decision to go forward with limited supply, as the sources said that if Microsoft doesn’t delay Xbox Series X, Sony won’t delay PS5.

Sony has previously said that the launch shouldn’t be impacted by the coronavirus. That’s supported by this report, which states that production itself hasn’t been impacted. That said, one factor weighing on Sony’s price decision is said to be the scarcity of components, and coronavirus could still have unforeseen impacts on production. The pandemic has already prevented engineers from flying to China to direct assembly plants, and like much of the industry Sony expects game production to be impacted. We may have already seen a sign of that with the delay of PS4’s The Last of Us 2.

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