Rhea Chakraborty Has Gone Into Hiding, Threatened Sushant Singh Rajput After He Wanted to Start Farming, Says Lawyer

Sushant Sinh Rajput’s family lawyer, Vikas Singh, has raised some serious allegations against the late actor’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. He has alleged that Rhea took over Sushant’s finances and alienated him from his family. Speaking to Pinkvilla, Vikas said that Rhea worked systematically to make Sushant vulnerable with each passing day. He alleges that first, she cut all contact between him and his father, then she replaced his house and management staff and finally took over his bank accounts.

He said, “Firstly, Rhea Chakraborty has gone into hiding. Of course, I know where she is hiding but I can’t tell you that right now. Patna Police cannot reach there because the senior officer (IPS officer Vinay Tiwari) who came to investigate the case from Patna, has already been quarantined in Mumbai. The earlier team that was already there, they are also trying to quarantine them. They are in fact on the lookout for the other officers from Bihar Police as well. This is why the urgency for getting the matter referred to CBI today itself.”

The advocate said that after all that, she started overseeing his mental health. “Fourth step was when for the first time, Sushant Singh Rajput had started taking medicines. The family was completely unaware of this – what medicines he was taking, which doctor she was taking him to. She completely conjured up a situation where she could show there’s something wrong with him”, Vikas Singh added.

Speaking on Sushant’s work front, he said that Rhea would sit in his meetings with film producers and demand work opposite him as a condition to cast Sushant. He said, “Sushant finally told her that he wanted to do organic farming and take a break from movies. She realised he’s of no use to her anymore and she left. From what the family has told me, I feel this could be the trigger point. She walked out of the house, took all his medical records and would keep threatening him that she would make all the reports public. That was one threat he couldn’t take strong actions against her. She walked out of that house with the files and blocked him, which made him even more anxious.”

Sushant’s father, KK Singh, has lodged an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty alleging ‘abetment of suicide’, fraud under various sections of IPC.

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