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Rhea Chakraborty Missing Update: Entire Family Left Juhu Residence 3 Days Back, Says The Building Superviser



The Sushant Singh Rajput case took a big turn when the family of the late actor filed an FIR at the Rajiv Nagar police station in Patna against Rhea Chakraborty. However, the Bihar Police haven’t been able to reach out to Rhea in their investigation and a report in Republic TV suggests that the actor left her residence around three days back with her entire family. A reporter from the channel talked to the supervisor of Rhea’s society in Juhu who revealed that the actor and the other three members of her family packed their bags and left the building three days back in the middle of the night. He also said that a few people close to the actor had come to take the family.

It was on Wednesday that SSR’s father accused Rhea of abetment of suicide of his son in his FIR. On Saturday, Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey revealed in a press conference that his team in Mumbai has not been able to trace Rhea yet. In another interview with the channel, Pandey said that they are not scared of anyone and people can choose to hide wherever they want to. He said that if the case is handed over to the Bihar Police, the entire nation will see how they unearth the truth and it will be considered a landmark investigation. He also questioned Rhea’s intention and mentioned that she had been demanding a CBI inquiry in the matter but when the Bihar Police is doing the same, she seems to be not cooperating.

Meanwhile, the Bihar Police continue to show immense interest in the case with its team travelling in the city in autos without enough support from the Mumbai Police. On Saturday morning, when they reached the Cooper Hospital, where SSR’s dead body was taken by the Mumbai Police, they failed to access the postmortem report. Pandey said that the Bihar Police have been operating without any documents, video footage, testimonies, or photos that the Mumbai Police have in the case.

All eyes are now fixed on the ruling of the Supreme Court on August 5 in which it will be decided whether the case remains with Mumbai Police or the Bihar Police can investigate the matter with their own ‘abetment of suicide angle’.

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Ellen DeGeneres does it again! Audience member was made uncomfortable and left unaided.



Ellen DeGeneres has been in the news For all the wrong reasons lately. Everything started when Some of the employees filed a complaint against the producers of the show as the toxic work environment was a huge concern for many!


Different stories are coming from different corners, some supporting Ellen while others backlashing the host. Today we get to hear another story from an audience member.

According to reports in The Sun, an audience member told that Ellen DeGeneres, would become “moody” on set during advertisement breaks, often, she said, breaking away from her bubbly personable self to sitting in silence on her couch. Ignoring everyone.

Moreover, the audience member claimed that Ellen DeGeneres was told by staff that she can’t be “funnier or smarter” than DeGeneres, and she was “humiliated” after she was made to “scream and jump” backstage.

That audience member was chosen to play the game Make It Rain, which sees contestants getting soaked in water while attempting to win a cash prize. After playing in the game, that audience member described how she was “soaking wet” but staffers hurried her backstage.

“Then they just left us there. We waited pretty much the whole show in our soaking wet clothes for someone to bring us dry things to change into. It was really cold and uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t enjoy myself on the show. You have to follow all these rules, you can’t be yourself, you have to clap constantly and laugh at things that aren’t funny.”

Well…the investigation about the previously filed complaint is going on and here comes another big blow! We are eager to know what the host has to say about these claims.

Stay tuned for more.



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Miley Cyrus discloses: Her first sexual experience was a THREESOME!



Miley Cyrus always manages to make headlines with her bold revelations. And this one came “Like a wrecking ball”. She spilled the beans as she revealed that her first sexual experience was a threesome with two girls.
The 27-year-old singer said that she ‘hooked up with most of her girl mates.
Adding that the first man she ever slept with was Liam Hemsworth, 30 when she was aged 16. The pair later went on to marry but sadly divorced.

Miley talked about her personal and private life in an unusually informative and bold interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alexandra Cooper that dropped at midnight on Friday.
She said: ‘I didn’t go all the way with a dude until I was 16,’ she said on the sex podcast. ‘But I ended up marrying the guy, so that’s pretty crazy.’

she also confessed at the time she lied to the actor about it being her first time.
She said: ‘I lied and said he wasn’t the first so I didn’t seem like a loser,’ she said adding that she couldn’t think of anyone so she chose a friend.
But a few years later Hemsworth’s friend ‘ended up’ marrying the man she lied about having sex with and she had to come clean.

‘It was a lie that I held on to for like 10 years,’ Miley said.
She added: ‘The first time I ever hooked up with anyone was with a girl, two of them,’ and that they went beyond first base.’

Though her first time with man was at 16 she had had sexual experiences with girls years before that.
She said: ‘When I was 11 or 12 my friends were starting to tell me what they were doing with guys and I didn’t really understand it,’ she said.
‘So I got most of my girl friends to hook up with me.’
‘I was attracted to girls way before I was ever attracted to guys,’ the Wrecking Ball singer said. ‘When I was like 11-years-old I thought Minnie Mouse was super f******g hot.’

Miley spoke more of her relationship with Hemsworth, which started on the set of their film The Last Song in 2008 leading them to marry in 2018 before splitting after a few months of marriage in August 2019.
‘The relationship I had for 10 years was an amazing time in my life,’ she said.
Following her split from Liam, Miley had a very brief and public relationship wit Kaitlynn Carter and said she struggled with being portrayed as having cheated.

‘I feel like as a woman I was villainized for moving on and I really feel like that isn’t acceptable,’ she said.
Soon after, she dated Cody Simpson, 24, but Miley confirmed they had amicably split on Thursday evening.
She said she remains friends with the Australian singer, 23, who she has known for a decade.
Referencing her split from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth in August last year, Miley began: ‘So today, it came out that me and my boyfriend have broken up,’ she continued.
‘It was confirmed by a “reliable source” even though no one is reliable in a relationship except the individuals who are participating in it.

‘But right now, two halves can’t make a whole and we’re individually just working on ourselves to become the people that we wanna be, like everybody else at this age.’
Miley added: ‘We are just deciding who we wanna be in our lives, what we wanna do, and so, don’t make it some drama story if next week we’re hanging out, getting pizza.
‘We’ve been friends for 10 years and we’re going to continue to be friends, so just don’t make it something that it is not.’


Miley and Cody ended their relationship in the last few weeks.
The pair have known have each other for a decade, becoming good friends in 2015.
While appearing on the Zach Sang show that year, Cody deemed Miley as ‘the coolest girl I’ve ever met here in LA’.
In July 2015, during a break from Liam, Miley was pictured passionately kissing Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell, 29, who she later dated.

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Surprising Split: Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson call it quits!



Miley Cyrus’ began dating Liam Hemsworth in 2009. The couple was together for almost a decade. However, in a shocking turn of events, Miley was spotted kissing Kaitlynn Carter. Eventually, they called it quits, and Miley began seeing the famous blogger. That didn’t last too long either and Cody Simpson came into the picture.

Cody and Miley seemed to be a match made in heaven. They began their relationship in October 2019. From the social media PDA including some intense pictures together to the TikTok videos – the couple made smashing headlines! It was until last month that reports stated that their relationship was “perfect”.

Miley broke her silence about the breakup, confirming that it happened … but making it clear she doesn’t want it to become some big dramatic deal.

The singer says … “Right now, two halves can’t make a whole and we’re individually just working on ourselves to become the people that we wanna be.”

She adds that she and Cody might be seen hanging out together still because they’ve been friends for 10 years … and she says that’s not going to change.

Unexpectedly, all of this comes in hours before Miley is set to unveil her new music. The singer is all set to release ‘Midnight Sky.’ What’s interesting is, that the song could have found inspiration from her recent split.

It was last week that Cyrus shared a video that witnessed her embracing herself. The caption read, “I was born to run. I don’t belong to anyone. (And yes I can run in these fucking heels cause I’m a BOSS)”


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