Risk Of Rain 2 Refines Artefacts In New Content Update This Week

Risk of Rain 2 recently had its 1.0 release pushed back until August, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait longer for more content to be added. The second iteration of the game’s Artefact system heads to all platforms tomorrow, June 23, along with numerous other changes.

Artefacts 2.0 doesn’t fundamentally rework the artefact system already in Risk of Rain 2, but it does add more treasures for you to work towards. New artefacts are unlocked by completing challenges, and then available to equip on your next run. Developer Hopoo Games doesn’t spoil what some of these might be, but does say to expect a range of treasures that are both fun and challenging to work with.

The latest update will also introduce Risk of Rain 2’s fifth stage, with Sky Meadow hosting new monsters and a hidden boss for you to uncover. You will also experience new loot and item drops, as well as new unlockable skill variants for various classes.

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