RPG Biomutant Is Almost Done, Dev Says

Developer Experiment 101 showed off new Biomutant gameplay and provided an update on its development.

In an interview with IGN, creative director Stefan Ljungqvist went in-detail about some elements players can expect in Biomutant. Ljungqvist talked about the gigantic bosses and how they play pivotal roles in the game’s story, how the morphing character creator affects stats, the necessity of crafting the necessary gear to traverse the various biomes, and more. The entire interview was punctuated by bits and pieces of new gameplay, illustrating the scope of Biomutant’s world as we see expansive fields, deep waters, and everything in between.

Throughout the interview, Ljungqvist said Biomutant was the biggest game he had ever worked on, mentioning the game’s massive size on several occasions while disclosing that Biomutant is almost done. “We are at the end phase of development,” Ljungqvist said. “When you asked me at the beginning ‘what we’ve been doing,’ we’ve been doing the same thing. In a massive game like this–and it’s very big, like I said, the largest game I ever worked on–you will have issues. You will have technical challenges to overcome–and artistic too–but at this stage [of the project], it’s more like cleaning out. You know, we’re squashing bugs.”

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