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Savage: Nicki Minaj Fires Her Entire Glam Squad So She Can Get A New Image




Nicki Minaj has elevated from a Harajuku Barbie to a Queen, and it has become quite obvious that she wants her team to match her royal status.

Recently, the 35-year-old rapper took to the ‘gram to show her freshly tossed cotton candy wig along with the caption: “Thank you for making my #BarbieDreams come true lil baby @arrogant_tae123. Welcome him to the Kingdom Y’all.”

Uh, Arrogant Tae? Where is her longtime hairstylist, Kim Kimble, fans wondered while quickly grabbing their snatched wigs off the floor.

In the same post, Nicki also thanked her makeup artist, Aaliyah Jay: “@aaliyahjay miss baby, you skilled Barbie’s face. Love you. Don’t give away the surprise tho.”

Did the self-proclaimed “bad guy” fire her entire glam squad? It’s looking that way.

Peep the receipts.

Many say it all started when Nicki received less than rave reviews about her long ponytails for the 2018 VMAs. Fans were not feeling her hair—at all!


(Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

To make matters worse, Cardi B’s hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, shaded Nicki’s “thin azz ponytails,” and Kim chose to respond to the comment.

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#KimKimble has some words for #TokyoStylez 👀

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Fast-forward to now, Petty Activist did some digging after the rumors surfaced and actually revealed that Kim and Nicki have reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Kim even chose to follow Cardi B and her team.

And there’s more.

Apparently, Barbz has already been over the past hairstyles Kim has done for Nicki and has already been sending suggestions to have Arrogant Tae toss her wigs. Yikes!

Seemingly satisfied with the results, Nicki’s fans began to rejoice to the glam squad overhaul—prepare yourself because it gets seriously shady:

Whew, chile! People don’t play when it comes to Nicki. You best come correct!

Excited about his newfound client, Arrogant Tae, who is responsible for SZA’s new neon wig, took to his Instagram to share how excited he is to be “Nicki’s hairstylist.” Surprisingly Nicki responded, confirming she can’t wait for fans to see “what we have in store.”

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God is so good , god I thank you every single day cause u never let me down!!!!! I prayed n I prayed n I continue to pray for moments like this!! You just really changed my whole life! I been wanting this for years n it might took a while bt im living my dreams literally 😢🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽 I let my cockiness show through my work cause it’s my passion bt im the most humble human being because I’m so blessed man!! I use to sit n dream all this n it’s happening!!! A real legend!!!! I will never forget this at all!!!💞💞💞💞💞 my favorite person in the world since day fucking one!! If anybody knows me knows I always say “I WANNA SLAY NICKI, I WANNA BE NICKI HAIR STYLIST” n now look 🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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Looks like it’s official.

So, what do you think of Nicki’s new look? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Bob Vylan say music industry figures told them “scarily relevant” new EP ‘We Live Here’ was “too extreme”




Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan have called out the music industry for telling them their “scarily relevant” new EP ‘We Live Here’ was “too extreme”.

The duo – comprised of Bobby Vylan and Bobb13 Vylan – shared the record on Bandcamp today (June 5) in response to “the climate we are living in right now”.

Speaking in an Instagram video, Bobby Vylan explained the EP had been finished for “at least six months” but the band had struggled to find support for it within the music industry. “We’ve taken it to everybody – PR, magazines, blogs, radio pluggers, playlists, everybody – and they all said the same thing: ‘We love it, but it’s too extreme. The content and the topics that you’re dealing with are too extreme.’”


He continued to list some of the subjects broached on the tracks, including “police brutality, racism, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and fearmongering in the media”. “There’s a Grammy-nominated artist from the US featured on this and they all still told us it’s too extreme,” Vylan noted. Jason Aalon Butler of Fever 333, who were nominated for Best Rock Performance at the 2019 Grammys, features on ‘Pulled Pork’.

“Now those same people told us ‘Black Lives Matter, hashtag change must come’,” he said. The musician continued to explain the band had decided to self-release it on Bandcamp and not put it up on streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify.


“We will not have our art – our art that in particular concerns itself with the fight against injustice, the fight against racism, the struggles of the disenfranchised, the struggles of minorities – we will not have that art devalued to the extent that it’s worth £0.004 a stream on a good day,” he said. “It’s not gonna happen. We will determine the worth of the art and that’s what we’ve done.”

Vylan added that the duo had decided to put it out now because it is “scarily relevant”. You can download the ‘We Live Here’ EP on Bob Vylan’s Bandcamp page now.

The music industry has been forced to look at how it profits from Black culture while upholding systemic racism after the death of George Floyd sparked protests around the world this week.

Earlier this week, The Weeknd called on Universal, Sony, Warner, Spotify and Apple Music to “go big and go public” with their donations to organisations tackling racial justice and equality. “No one profits off of Black music more than the labels and streaming services,” he wrote.

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Aluna on making music without George: “I felt self-conscious trying to drag him through my own self-discovery”





Aluna has spoken about branching out from duo AlunaGeorge to work on her own solo music.

The singer formed the group in 2012 with producer George Reid, with who she has released two albums – 2013’s ‘Body Music’ and 2016’s ‘I Remember’.

In April, though, she released her debut solo single ‘Body Pump’ and the singer has now explained her decision to work on her own in a new interview. “People have always asked me if it [going solo] was something I’d thought about, and I always thought they were mad, because what me and George have is so fruitful,” she told The Forty-Five.

She explained, however, that over time there had been “certain musical and lyrical areas that felt awkward to do in a duo, because they were so singularly from my culture and my perspective”.

“I did feel a little bit self-conscious trying to drag George through my own process of self-discovery,” she said. “I wrote a song before we put out the last EP which was about my mum and my grandma, and George is obviously supportive, but it’s just a bit weird, like ‘hey, do you want to finish off this black women’s anthem with me?’”

Aluna confirmed that, despite her working on solo music at the moment, AlunaGeorge “is definitely still going”. “It’s on hiatus rather than being over, basically,” she said.

AlunaGeorge last put out a record with the 2018 EP ‘Champagne Eyes’. Earlier this year, they collaborated on Kito’s single ‘Alone With You’, as well as working on tracks with Far East Movement and Henry, and Sonny Fodera & King Henry.

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Paul McCartney says he wants “justice for George Floyd’s family” and “all who have died and suffered”




Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has spoken out about the death of George Floyd, calling for justice for his family and “all those who have died and suffered” because of police brutality.

Floyd died on May 25 while being arrested by police in Minneapolis. Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine-minutes, which, according to an independent autopsy, cut blood and airflow off from his brain, causing mechanical asphyxia.

Chauvin has since been sacked and charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, while the three other officers involved in Floyd’s arrest have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

In a post on Facebook today (June 5), McCartney encouraged his fans to educate themselves about racism and support organisations associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. “As we continue to see the protests and demonstrations across the world, I know many of us want to know just what we can be doing to help,” the Beatle wrote.

Here are some organisations to support in the fight for racial justice.Black Lives Matter…

Posted by Paul McCartney on Friday, June 5, 2020

“None of us have all the answers and there is no quick fix but we need change. We all need to work together to overcome racism in any form. We need to learn more, listen more, talk more educate ourselves and, above all, take action.”

He continued to recount a time when, in 1964, The Beatles had been scheduled to play in Jacksonville, Louisiana, but found out the audience would be segregated. “It felt wrong,” he said. “We said, ‘We’re not doing that!’ And the concert we did do was to [be] their first non-segregated audience. We then made sure this was in our contract. To us it send like common sense.”

McCartney said he felt “sick and angry” that racism was still an issue almost 60 years later, calling Floyd’s murder “senseless” and a result of “police racism”. “All of us here support and stand alongside all those who are protesting and raising their voices at this time,” he concluded. “I want justice for George Floyd’s family, I want justice for all those who have died and suffered. Saying nothing is not an option.”

The Beatle follows a number of other musicians who have spoken out during the recent Black Lives Matter protests, which have taken place across the US and around the world. Among them, Adele told her fans to “be righteously angered but be focused”, while Killer Mike gave an impassioned speech telling Atlanta residents to “plot, plan, strategise, organise, and mobilise”.

The post Paul McCartney says he wants “justice for George Floyd’s family” and “all who have died and suffered” appeared first on NME Music News, Reviews, Videos, Galleries, Tickets and Blogs | NME.COM.

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