Secretlab’s Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chair Is Striking And Available Now For A Limited Time

Premium gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab has revealed its latest special edition chair, and it’s themed around Cyberpunk 2077. The Cyberpunk 2077 Secretlab gaming chair is available to purchase now in both Titan and Omega series models. If you’re looking forward to the upcoming CD Projekt Red game and are in the market for a new gaming chair, this may be hard to pass up.

The front of the Cyberpunk 2077 chair matches the neon yellow theme that we’ve seen with most of the game’s products and marketing. The back of the chair is black and is emblazoned with a large Samurai logo. Samurai is the rock band led by Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Silverhand.

Limited quantities of the Titan and Omega models are available now, and orders ship same day. However, once they sell out, you’ll have to wait until November for a restock. So if you want to have the chair in the months leading up to Cyberpunk’s release, you’ll probably need to place your order fairly quickly.

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