See The Director Of Chris Hemsworth Netflix Movie Extraction Risk His Life To Get The Shot

The new Chris Hemsworth Netflix movie, Extraction, is all about action. There is one sequence in particular that goes above and beyond in terms of action, with director Sam Hargrave strapping himself to a car, putting himself in harm’s way to get the shot.

Netflix has posted a cool behind-the-scenes video that shows one harrowing sequence from the shoot where Hargrave is attached to the hood of a car, using a handheld camera, to film a scene involving a car chase. Check it out below.

This is part of Extraction’s action-heavy “oner,” which is an industry term for a series of long shots that are joined together to form a single, continuous shot. GameSpot’s Extraction review praised this 11-minute scene, saying it’s the high point of the movie.

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