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See What Your Favorite Celebrities are doing in the Time Of Quarantine – Checkout Videos



1. Deepika and Ranveer

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are seemingly making the most of their quarantine time together. Eating, exercising and even cleaning together, DeepVeer seems to be enjoying every bit of the quality time they are spending at their residence in Mumbai.

Recently, in an interview with Rajeev Masand over a video call, Deepika said that Ranveer is the easiest person to live with during lockdown.

When asked why, Deepika said, “I have to say, he’s the easiest person to live within this scenario. He’s sleeping for about 20 hours, which really allows me time to do things that I want to do.”

“For the four hours that he’s awake, we’re either watching a movie, eating, exercising. He’s a real joy to be with at this time. No demands, no hassles, he’s very easy,” she added.

Meanwhile, ever since self-isolating due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Deepika has been keeping her fans entertained. She has been posting pictures and videos of different activities she is doing at home and captioning it as, “Season 1:Episode 1. Productivity in the time of COVID-19!”

Since the first post in the series, Deepika has shared glimpses of organizing her cupboard, work-outs, eating healthy, putting labels on food items and even gorging on dessert.

On the work front, Deepika will be seen sharing screen space with her husband Ranveer Singh in “’83”.

2. Virat and Anushka

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have made contributions to the PM-CARES and Maharashtra CM Relief Fund to fight coronavirus.

Anushka Sharma, who is married to Indian Cricket Team skipper Virat Kohli, shared a video on Twitter in which she can be seen giving a new haircut to her husband. She captioned the video as, “Meanwhile, in quarantine..”

In the video, Virat says, “This is what quarantine does to you, you allow things like these to happen, getting a haircut with the kitchen scissors.” The video ends with him saying, “Beautiful haircut, by my wife.”

3. Priyanka and Nick

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are also aboard the working out at home train. Nick recently shared Instagram stories of him working out with Priyanka Chopra in their home. In the story, the two can be seen doing sets of lunges while holding dumbbells in their hands.

The actress who has been regularly posting awareness posts on social media has also been giving sneak peeks into the couple’s life in quarantine.

In yet another adorable post, Priyanka shared a picture of herself all cozy and sleeping in Nick’s lap. Their dog Gino is also seen cuddled up next to her.

On Thursday, as the couple completed eight days of quarantine, Priyanka posted a video in which she called the experience ‘just crazy’. “I hope you are all safe out there. I just wanted to come in and say hello! This is such an insane time and all of our lives have been completely turned upside down. It feels like something out of a movie but it is not. Nick and I have been home for the last week and this is day 8 of self-isolation for us. We have always had such crazy schedules and had so many people around us all day, and all of a sudden this being our reality it just feels crazy. I am sure all of you feel the same way,” she said in the video.

4. Justin and Hailey

Justin Bieber, 26, and Hailey Baldwin, 23, are literally owning the quarantine game! The “Yummy” singer completed a makeshift obstacle course at his Canadian mansion — all while pretending the floor was lava — and the entire thing was hilarious. The short video began with Justin — clad in a fur hat and onesie — relaxed on his large white sofa. Behind the camera, Hailey then issued one simple instruction: “The floor is lava.” Immediately, Justin began making moves, which included running right across the long white couch!

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The mini-adventure was inspired by a popular children’s game played outdoors and involves players avoiding touching the ground to get from point A to B. From the couch, Justin showed off some parkour skills as he leaped from the couch then to a chair and a spinning love seat. After going for a twirl, the Bieb gained his balance and made his way to bar stool. To make things a little more interesting, Hailey added a couple of trickier components that included skateboards and circular back rollers! Gliding down the hallway like a pro, Justin strategically altered between the boards and the back rollers (using walls for support). We have to say, the entire thing was rather impressive!

The final destination appeared to be a bed in a guest room and ended up conceding to the lava just inches away! “Noooo!” Justin dramatically yelled, sprawled out onto the floor. “Babe, you were so freakin’ close!” a laughing Hailey responded, as Justin added, “I lost.”

5. Shahrukh and Gauri

While in lockdown, due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Gauri Khan is taking make-up tips from daughter Suhana Khan.

Gauri shared a picture of Suhana on Instagram where the Starkid is seen wearing a grey jacket and sporting nude make-up. Gauri wrote, “Learning…make-up tips @suhanakhan2 #indooractivity.”

Shah Rukh Khan is currently in self-quarantine with family. On March 22, the Fan actor shared a video of himself on social media urging his fans to stay indoors and stay safe during Janata Curfew.

He wrote, “#IndiaFightsCorona InshaAllah #JantaCurfew will help against the spread of the virus, though we may have to do this again. The clapping brought so much cheer. So a reminder of safeguards, with some cheer… Pls take it in the right spirit. To all relentlessly working today – Extremely Grateful. Thx!”

6. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The couple, who tested positive for the novel coronavirus in February, spent a week in isolation at a hospital in the state of Queensland in Australia.

After their discharge from the medical facility, Hanks and Wilson, 63, continued to self-quarantine at a rented home in Australia, often sharing their experience on isolation and offered advice to those doing the same via social media.

Hanks expressed gratitude to the people in Australia who took care of them. Hollywood star Tom Hanks says he and his wife, singer-songwriter Rita Wilson are back home in the US after undergoing self-quarantine in Australia.

The Oscar winner on Saturday took to social media to share an update. “We’re home now, and like the rest of America, we carry on sheltering place and social distancing,” Hanks, 63, tweeted Saturday.


Ricky Gervais Explains His Controversial Golden Globes Remarks: ‘I Try to Make It a Spectator Sport’




As an active member of Hollywood, Ricky Gervais is well immersed in the culture. But he has no problem taking on the elite, especially as a frequent host of the Golden Globe Awards. Here’s what he said in May 2020 about why he doesn’t hold back when it comes to calling out his fellow celebrities.

Ricky Gervais is known as a comedic actor

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Gervais began his TV and film career in his native England. He worked in sketch comedy before breaking out as the star, writer, creator, and producer of the BBC Two sitcom The Office. Though it aired for just two seasons, it helped establish Gervais as a force to be reckoned with both in front of the camera and behind it.

Today, Gervais is known for films like The Invention of Lying and the Night at the Museum franchise. Subsequent popular TV series include Derek and After Life. Additionally, he has continued to tour as a stand-up comedian, lend his voice to animated projects, and try his hand at documentary programs.

How many times has Gervais hosted the Golden Globes?

Gervais has hosted the award show five times. First, he did three years straight: in 2010, 2011, and 2012. After this first run, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler also did three consecutive shows. Gervais returned to host again in 2016, followed by Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and then Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Gervais took back the reins in 2020.

Even before he was a host, Gervais was familiar with the show, as he has won a few Golden Globes himself. The first two he received back in 2004 for The Office U.K., followed by one for his British sitcom, Extras. Gervais was also nominated as a producer for The Office U.S.

Some thought his 2020 remarks went too far

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It’s no secret that Gervais’ comedy isn’t for everyone. While hosts like Fallon tend to play to the crowd with musical numbers, that’s not Gervais’ style. His jokes at previous ceremonies received backlash, with some calling for him never to be invited back. So it wasn’t particularly surprising when he rubbed some the wrong way in 2020 with his monologue.

Gervais went straight to the jugular, calling out everyone for something. He remarked on Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history, James Corden’s weight, Felicity Huffman’s arrest, and much more. However, most of his comments were directed at the room as a whole, lumping everyone into a group he seemed to call generally uneducated, uninformed, and, oddly enough, “perverts.”

Gervais explains his decision to go after Hollywood

While doing the Wired Autocomplete Interview in May 2020, Gervais was asked why he “roast[ed] Hollywood.” His reply: “I think it’s what I was paid to do. I’m a court jester. I make a decision. I’ve done it five times over the last 10 years. And every time, it’s like ‘Do you pander to the 200 people in the room or the 200 million people watching at home?’

He continued, saying, “There’s no competition. The people at home aren’t winning awards. They’re not millionaires. What’s in it for them to watch the richest, most privileged people in the world just win an award? Well, no, I try to make it a spectator sport. So that’s why. They can take it.”

Will he ever host again?

Host Ricky Gervais speaks onstage during the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 10, 2016 | Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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At this point, no one knows when the next award show will happen. The 78th Golden Globe Awards are, at this point, set to take place in early 2021, but with adjustments due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic happening constantly, nearly everything is uncertain. That is, except for Gervais’ status as host.

He made it very clear during his 2020 monologue that it was his last time hosting the show. And the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was quick to hop on this, announcing just days later that Fey and Poehler would be stepping back into the role. Perhaps Gervais is really done with the award show, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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‘Black Widow’ Star Florence Pugh Admits Her Marvel Role Wasn’t Easy to Accept




It would be hard to pinpoint exactly when Florence Pugh’s career exploded in popularity, but it definitely happened. The star went from relatively unknown to Oscar-nominated while she showcased her amazing range across genres. On top of that, she’s made herself a fan favorite with her witty social media banter and bold determination not to let other people tell her how to live her life. In short, Pugh has skyrocketed to stardom in the short span of a few years, and she shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. 

As her Marvel Cinematic Universe premiere is set to happen with the much-anticipated Black Widow film, Pugh opened up about how difficult it was to accept the role and all the responsibility and expectations that came with it. 

Florence Pugh | Jean-Baptise Lacroix/AFP via Getty Images

Florence Pugh can do it all 

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The English actor made her professional debut in 2014 with The Falling, a dark and dramatic film set in 1969 at an English girls’ school. Pugh acted alongside Maisie Williams, whose own fame was on the rise because of her Game of Thrones performance. Pugh’s next roles included some historical ones. She played Katherine in Lady Macbeth and Cordelia in King Lear. Earning a solid reputation for her ability to perform dramatic roles, Pugh landed the starring part in 2019’s creepy horror Midsommar

At the same time, she was cast as Amy March in the latest iteration of the classic Little Women. Seeing Pugh perform in both of these roles, which were so different from one another, while masterfully handling each, solidified her star status. The Oscar nomination she received for Little Women didn’t hurt, either. With dramas, period pieces, and horror under her belt, Pugh has shown a tremendous range. Now she’ll also be adding action to the mix. 

Florence Pugh will play Yelena Belova

In the upcoming Black Widow film, Pugh will play alongside Scarlett Johansson as Yelena Belova, a Russian spy who underwent the same training as Black Widow. While Belova is referred to as Black Widow’s “sister,” the pair are bonded by experience rather than blood. In the comics, the pair have a deep rivalry that ties into their different approaches to life, and the trailer suggests this tension carries over to the films as well. 

Pugh and Johansson certainly bonded on set, and Johansson has spoken about how much she admires Pugh and wishes she had been more like her when she was younger. For her part, Pugh has been outspoken about how important it was to her that playing the role of an action star didn’t negatively impact her relationship with her body. Part of her negotiation for the role involved making sure that she would have control over her workout routine and appearance. 

Florence Pugh was not sure about taking the Black Widow part

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Saturdays in the Secret Garden

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Concerns about maintaining healthy physical boundaries wasn’t the only thing on Pugh’s mind when she was offered the part. Pugh knew that she was stepping into a franchise with a fandom like nothing she had ever seen before: “When you think of Marvel, it’s big and daunting.” She admits in an interview with Elle UK that she didn’t have a huge connection to Marvel growing up and wasn’t sure she was prepared to take on the part and its responsibility to fans. 

When she went into San Diego’s Comic-Con, she was coming face to face with some of her toughest potential critics. “I’m also playing a character who no one’s seen before but they’ve read about her; I didn’t know whether people were going to hate me,” Pugh explains of that moment. Her palms were sweaty as she faced the crowd. When Johansson reached out to give her hand a reassuring squeeze, she realized Johansson’s palms were sweaty, too. It was then that she understood that the role was nerve-wracking for even the seasoned and beloved star, and that helped her feel more at ease about it. 

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Boy Pablo shares pair of new songs after hosting listening party




Norwegian internet sensation Boy Pablo has released a pair of new songs called ‘Hey Girl’ and ‘I Just Wanna Go Home’ – listen to them below.

Announced last week, ‘Hey Girl’ arrived after Pablo hosted an online listening party for the new single earlier tonight (May 28).

“damn it’s really out now,” Pablo said of the new song on Twitter.

The singer-songwriter shared another new song called ‘I Just Wanna Go Home’, featuring guest vocals from Andrea.

Listen to both of the new songs below:

Whether ‘Hey Girl’ or ‘I Just Wanna Go Home’ will land on a full-length project is not yet known. Boy Pablo’s last project was 2018’s ‘Soy Pablo’ EP.


Last month, Boy Pablo shared a cover of Arctic Monkeys song ‘Piledriver Waltz’ that he performed for the Verftet Online Music Festival.

The Norwegian internet sensation joined a lineup that included the likes of Aurora, Enslaved and Datarock.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and donning socks and sandals, Pablo offered up a cover of ‘Piledriver Waltz’, taken from Arctic Monkeys’ 2011 album ‘Suck It And See’, which he performed in front of a green screen that displayed a family deer wandering in the snow.

The post Boy Pablo shares pair of new songs after hosting listening party appeared first on NME Music News, Reviews, Videos, Galleries, Tickets and Blogs | NME.COM.

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