Shah Rukh Khan replies ‘Missing your uninhibited laughter’ to Jeff Bezos

Shah Rukh Khan replies ‘Missing your uninhibited laughter’ to Jeff Bezos

Bollywood King Khan is missing Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos replies him on Twitter says ‘Missing your uninhibited laughter and candid conversation.’

Recently, Jeff Bezos was on three-day India tour. On 17, last Friday, he was in Mumbai where he met with key industrialists of India and several Bollywood stars. In fireside chat with Shah Rukh Khan and filmaker Zoya Akhtar, Jeff Bezos took some part of that video, tweeted, and captioned it, “Lots of fun on stage with @iamsrk and Zoya Akhtar.”

In that video, where Bezos can be seen praising Shah Rukh and said, “I’m talking to him backstage and he is the most humble man.” and Shah Rukh replied in a very funny way, “it’s only because my last few films haven’t done well.”

And in reply of this tweet, Shah Rukh Khan says, he is missing Jeff Bezos laughter and candid conversation.

During that conversation, Shah Rukh also praised him and says, “I asked what is the nicest thing about Jeff when I spoke to the team about a week back and they said his laughter. He has the most infectious, most beautiful, and most honest laughter in the world.”

On the same (Friday), Jeff also visited in a local Kirana store in Mumbai, where he delivered a package by himself along with that, he partners with thousands of kirana store to work as delivery point for Amazon. Which was actually emphasised by  Piyush Goyal on propping up India’s kirana stores through partnerships with ecommerce marketplaces and platforms. In a meeting held in November 2019, Goyal had a meeting with Amazon, where it had reportedly urged the company to include kirana stores in their business model.