Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Open Up concerning Their Super Bowl 2020 intermission Show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Open Up concerning Their Super Bowl 2020 intermission Show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez Open Up concerning Their Super Bowl 2020 intermission Show: To promote the announcement, that Pepsi Cola and therefore the NFL created Thursday morning, the singers Saturday down for a section that ventilated throughout Fox’s coverage of the sport between the City of Brotherly Love Eagles and therefore the city Packers Thursday night, and that they displayed concerning what their performance represents.

“I love that it’s in Miami,” Lopez shares. “It’s a awfully Latino city which they picked the 2 people.”

“I feel unbelievably honored and humble to be, in a way, next to J.Lo, representing the Latino community that’s such a very important force within the u. s.,” Shakira shared.

“I love that the Super Bowl has 2 ladies activity this year. That they need 2 Latinos activity this year,” Lopez additional. “It’s the marker of a replacement time, not only for the NFL except for this country. It sends a very important message.

Lopez explained that, “At the tip of the day, it’s about making a press release of affection and unity and creating everyone move only for a flash, and hopefully that resonates for a protracted time.”

While the combine admitted that they “haven’t very talked regarding what specifically [they’re] gonna do,” every of the performers had nothing however praise for each other.

“She’s a champion in everything she will,” Shakira same of Lopez. “It’s about to be fantastic to be sharing that moment with somebody such as you.”

“She’s such a dynamic entertainer,” Lopez marveled regarding Shakira. “She will her own factor, there is no one like her, thus i do know that the 2 people along area unit about to bring that special complete of what we have a tendency to do.”

Lopez conjointly took to Twitter on weekday to celebrate the massive announcement, moreover because the launch of a flash pop-up store for her new fragrance, Promise, in the big apple town.

A supply told ET on weekday that, whereas Lopez and Shakira can each be acting at the break show, there’ll be a lot of acts other.

“The NFL needs to create it an enormous event that focuses on Miami,” the supply other. “The Super Bowl break show are a melody of various acts, activity along from time to time.”

ET spoke with Lopez regarding the likelihood of acting at the large game earlier this month and he or she same the chance “would be awe-inspiring.”

“I think, like, once you are a girl and you are dreaming, you know, need|you would like|you wish} to be AN actor otherwise you want to be a singer. There area unit sure stuff you hope to accomplish in the future, and that is undoubtedly one amongst those,” Lopez marveled.

“It would be wonderful,” she other with a smile.

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