SHOCKING VIDEO: Nihangs chop off Policeman’s hand when asked to show curfew passes

SHOCKING VIDEO: Nihangs chop off Policeman’s hand when asked to show curfew passes

Police forces all over the country have been working day and night to maintain the rules and regulations of the lockdown and ensure that people follow the guidelines of social distancing strictly to prevent the spread of coronavirus. it seems imperative that the common man should also cooperate and rather appreciate and commend the efforts of these policemen, but a abominable case from Patiala, Punjab shows the reluctance among people in follow a set of rules that has been devised for their own safety.

On April 12, in a vegetable mandi in Patiala, a group of Nihangs (Sikh warriors) attacked the police officials when they were asked to follow the norms of social distancing and stand in queue to buy vegetables.

Patiala’s Senior Superintendent of Police Mandeep Singh Sidhu said that the group of assailants, who were in a vehicle, were armed with swords and iron rods. When they reached the vegetable market they were stopped by Mandi board officials, who asked them to stand in a queue to buy vegetables, he added. “They were not following rules of social distancing and then entered into a confrontation with Mandi Board officials. As the police officials intervened and asked for their curfew passes, the assistants attacked the police personnel with swords and rods,” said Mr. Singh.

This act of aggression resulted in minor injuries to two police officials and the hand of one of the police officers was cut off.

“In an unfortunate incident today morning, a group of Nihangs (Sikh warriors) injured a few police officers and a Mandi Board official at Sabzi Mandi, Patiala. ASI Harjeet Singh whose hand got cut off has reached PGI Chandigarh,” said Director General of Police Dinkar Gupta.

These fugitives were arrested later in the day from a Guruduwara where they were taking shelter. According to the Special Secretary, Punjab, the policemen followed the full rules of entering the sacred place and the women and children inside the Guruduwara were ensured safety.

“Seven fugitives, donning the robes of Nihangs, have been arrested from the Gurdwara in village Balbera. One of these was injured in the police firing and has been rushed to hospital,” said K.B.S Sidhu, Special Secretary, Punjab, in a tweet.

It feels shameful that there are people who would mock not only the Indian government and Indian police but also risk the lives of others and their own by refusing the follow simple rules and then act with such violence against people who are simply following their duties.

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