Watch: Shroud roasted the party title ‘Among Us’, says, “this game is fucking dumb”

Watch: Shroud roasted the party title ‘Among Us’, says, “this game is fucking dumb”

Shroud roasted the Among Us game: These days, most esports players’ focused has been shifted from competitive shooters to simple and fun games like ‘Fall Guys‘. While everyone can’t get enough of playing ‘Among Us‘, whereas Shroud roasted the same.

On 20 September, Shroud was streaming ‘Fallout 76‘ and DayZ and between the stream, he took a break started playing ‘Among Us’. Within a few minutes of playing Among Us, Shroud mocks the game and said, “This game is so fucking dumb. It’s so dumb. Oh my god, it’s such a stupid fucking game.”

He mentioned that the game is just about people “all yelling at each other.”

“Holy fuck. He says, she says. ‘I saw you here.’ And ‘Oh, I wasn’t there.’ Jesus fucking christ,” Shroud continued.

After the roasting the game, Shroud continued to play Among Us for a quite a while. He still acknowledged that it was refreshing after playing more intense games and competitive titles.

However, since then the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro has not played the game so far. Instead, he has continued his DayZ binge along with some Fallout 76.

The stream has been watched by over 863k users on Twitch. While Among Us isn’t shroud’s cup of tea, other streamers have been finding a lot of success with the game. After a 40-day break, variety streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys had a session with other popular gamers and YouTubers. The casual gaming stream had over 60,000 viewers at its peak.

Interestingly, the game Among Us was launched back in 2018. Despite how old the game is, the game suddenly gained popularity after two years. Thanks to the popular and big streamers and YouTubers, who picked this party title. The similarly simple Fall Guys has also become a phenomenon in recent weeks. Many big names have played the goofy battle royale instead of their usual skill-based games.

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