Single Woman Seeking Manwich With Awkwafina

Single Woman Seeking Manwich With Awkwafina

Single Woman Seeking Manwich With Awkwafina: This week on Modern Love the Podcast, the actor, and rapper Awkwafina read “Single Woman Seeking Manwich,” an essay about the often boring/sad online dating scene and the strange war tales it produces.

Sarah Moses is a fan of the Modern Love column and had wanted to write a piece for a long time. She realized that the sandwich incident gave her perfect material.

“I mean, it was just funny. And kind of sad. And that sort of sums up online dating,” she says.

The author, Sarah Moses, is still on the lookout for love, but she’s stopped swiping right on sandwiches. She works in publishing in New York City.

Awkwafina appears, most recently, in “Crazy Rich Asians.” Stick around after the reading for reflections from her, Ms. Moses and the Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.

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Awkwafina (Credit: Brian Higbee)
Awkwafina (Credit: Brian Higbee)

Awkwafina is an Asian-American actress, writer, rapper and musician from Queens, New York. Awkwafina, whose given name is Nora Lum, brings an impressive range of talent peppered with her signature flair and is positioned to be the major breakout talent of summer 2018.

She is currently developing a scripted series with Comedy Central in which she will also star.

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