Sky: Children Of The Light Reveals The Season Of Sanctuary For July

After Sky: Children of the Light‘s Season of Enchantment ended on Sunday, Thatgamecompany has announced that the next season will be the summery-themed Season of Sanctuary. The game’s sixth season since release, the event will add a brand new area as Enchantment did with the Forgotten Ark.

The new season trailer shows a “hidden island”, with a similar aesthetic to the Daylight Prairie world. With a season emblem resembling a manta, the trailer also prominently features a pair of white mantas.

While pre-orders for the new season opened on Monday, a bug caused both the season pendant and the bonus candles to appear as items for the previous season. The pre-order feature has now been disabled until a fix can be applied, but TGC has promised those who already made the purchase that the items will be updated to Season of Sanctuary items.

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