SSR’s Housekeeper Claimed: He Rolled Marijuana Joints For The Late Actor!

SSR’s Housekeeper Claimed: He Rolled Marijuana Joints For The Late Actor!

Late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput’s Housekeeper made a shocking statement to the Mumbai police! The actor was found dead in his residence on June 14th. His sudden and unfortunate demise shocked the whole nation and since then new information and angles are coming from different people. Check out what Neeraj had to say:


In a statement to the Mumbai Police, Neeraj allegedly stated that a few days before the actor could be found dead in his Mumbai home, he had rolled some marijuana cigarettes for Sushant. And when Neeraj checked the box after the actor was found dead, the box was empty. In a three page statement that was accessed by India Today, it read, “In April 2019 I worked as part of housekeeping staff. I came to work from reference from another known person of Sushant Singh Sir. I got the job here. I fell ill and then I left work. Then again, I joined back after few days. In May 2019, Sushant’s manager, Samuel Miranda, contacted me and called me back to work.” 

( SSR’s Housekeeper claims that he rolled marijuana joint for the actor)

When asked why no one knew where the bedroom keys were, Neeraj said, “I would clean the house every day and Sushant sir’s bedroom was also being cleaned every day. Many times, when Sushant sir was out for work, I would then clean his bedroom. Earlier, when we were staying at Capri Heights, he would lock the bedroom while going out of Mumbai and keep the keys in the kitchen. But since we shifted to Mont Blanc, only when Sushant sir was changing or when Rhea mam was present inside the room, the door would be locked. Rest all the time, the room was never locked. That is the reason I had no idea where the bedroom keys were.” 

Talking about the empty marijuana box, the housekeeper said, “Sushant sir would party once or twice every week with Anandi, Rhea, and Ayush at home. He would consume liquor and Marijuana cigarettes during those parties. Samuel Jacob would roll the joints for Sushant sir. Sometimes I would roll the joints for him. Before Sushant sir committed suicide, I rolled the marijuana cigarettes for him three days which were kept in a cigarette case in a cupboard near the staircase. After Sushant sir’s suicide, I saw that the marijuana cigarettes box was empty.”



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