Suikoden Follow-Up Eiyuden Chronicle Is So Popular It Crashed Kickstarter

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes recently hit Kickstarter, and it looks extremely promising–it’s the spirtual successor to Suikoden, which is a beloved series. Not surprisingly, the campaign achieved its initial goal within hours, hitting the console release stretch goal very fast. In fact, it’s been such a huge success that Kickstarter is struggling to keep up.

In the latest update on the game’s Kickstarter page, developer Rabbit & Bear Studios has celebrated the game’s success, which has been strong enough to cause page crashes. “The first 24 hours of our campaign have been pretty crazy,” the post reads. “Many of you probably noticed that during the opening hours of the campaign, Kickstarter crashed multiple times.”

The post says that “the spirit and love of our fans” caused the crash, and to make up for it, to the Kickstarter campaign has been given an extra day, so there will be more time to pledge towards the project and reach higher stretch goals.

We contacted Kickstarter to confirm that, yes, it was the success of Eiyuden Chronicles that led to this issue.

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