Super Smash Bros. Ultimate–Here’s Every Character Nerf And Buff In Update 8.0

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has released its 8.0 patch, bringing Arms character Min Min to the game alongside several new features and Mii Fighter costumes. Alongside these big changes, though, there’s also been a raft of changes to the characters you know and love.

There are numerous buffs and nerfs being introduced in Update 8.0, introducing changes to many of the game’s characters. Some characters have gotten reworked harder than others–Captain Falcon has seen changes to five of his attacks, for instance, while other characters like Mario and Sonic have just seen their Final Smash attacks tweaked.

Don’t expect any major reworks here, but it’s possible that your main has changed a bit, and that some of their attacks will be more or less powerful than before.

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