Susie Vanessa Frank A Hot Yoga Teacher: Must See

Susie Vanessa Frank A Hot Yoga Teacher: Must See

Susie Vanessa Frank is a traveling yoga teacher from Vero Beach, Florida. But more importantly, she’s doing something on Instagram @susievanessayoga: making yoga look way more attractive than we ever possibly imagined. You must see Susie Vanessa Frank on Instagram.

We know yoga, for most people, involves a disgusting amount of sweat, a room full of nuclear farts and near-impossible positions that both look and feel alien. But Susie Vanessa Frank has a sexy way of making something as sweaty and gross as yoga look like a work of art.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s drop-dead gorgeous, either. Check her out and join a class. It’ll be the most regret-free swamp-ass of your life.

You might never be seen a hot yoga teacher like Susie Vanessa Frank.

About Susie Vanessa Frank

Susie lives in Santa Monica, California and born in Vero Beach, Florida. She completed her schooling from Buchholz High School at Gainesville, Florida, and higher education from University of Florida at Gainesville in Journalism.

From 2004 to 2010, she worked at Sanofi-Aventis. And currently, she is working at Equinox and YogaWorks as a yoga teacher and regional accounting manager at bioTheranostics from 2012.

Also, she has a website named as You must look at this..!

Susie Vanessa Frank On Instagram

When she posted about her Workshop at New York

This is the reason why you should follow her..!

Yoga may not look hotter but she always look hotter!

More From Susie Vanessa Frank On Instagram

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So, that’s it for now about Susie Vanessa “Yogi” or I called her a hot yoga teacher..! If you like this post and want more like this then join ydraft on Facebook. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and make your yoga easier and attractive than before.


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