Sweat announce opening of virtual reality club and share new track ‘Drink Drive:’

Sweat announce opening of virtual reality club and share new track ‘Drink Drive:’

South London’s Sweat have announced the opening of their new virtual reality club, ‘SweatNet’.

The club, which was built and coded from scratch by the band from their flat in Peckham during the coronavirus lockdown, will also play host to a series of specially curated events that focus on the DIY experimental pop and electronic music scene.

Artists that will play the club include Nuha Ruby Ra, Lunch Money Life, Lynks Afrikka, Jessica Winter, and PVA. Each will be given a “unique opportunity to perform ‘live’ via hologram” while giving fans “the most immersive and technologically advanced alternative to live music seen so far during lockdown,” according to a press release.

In order to recreate as much of the club going experience as possible, the band have added a live chat function into the space, which works during the performance. There is also a merch stall where fans will be able to purchase items by the performing artists.

Sweat have also shared an immersive hologram performance of new track ‘Drink Drive:’. A song about the theft of a digitally corrupted identity, it’s the first track to be featured in club SweatNet.

To watch the band’s performance of ‘Drink Drive:’, you can enter the club via their website here.

All events will be free but Sweat are encouraging users to support independent venues by donating via the club’s link to #saveourvenues. In addition, profits from Sweat’s first run of merch sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

Music Venue Trust (MVT) launched the ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign in a bid to stave off the continued economic threat to over 500 grassroots music venues throughout the UK.

The MVT are following up the Grassroots Music Venues Crisis fund they established earlier this year – which has gone on to raise over £182,000 – with the initiative, with the fund now being renamed the #SaveOurVenues Fund.

Over 556 venues in the UK are at risk, and each venue will have their own crowd funding page on the site “with a clear target of the funds it needs to raise to stay afloat throughout this difficult period.” If a target is met, then any excess revenue will go to the overall #SaveOurVenues Fund to help the wider grassroots music venue community.

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