SypherPK Convinced Ninja To Play Fortnite Again, Will He Continue?

SypherPK Convinced Ninja To Play Fortnite Again, Will He Continue?

So, finally, Ninja is agreed to play Fortnite again. Ninja was arguably one of the best players in Fortnite in 2018. Fortnite played an important role in the rise of the streamer’s career.

However, earlier this year, Ninja was not happy about the overall Fornite environment.

Lately, a lot of hackers have been reported in Fortnite and Ninja was facing a hacker in like every game. Apart from that, he was also not happy that the controller player has an advantage over PC players which more added to his frustration with the game.

In the end, Ninja moved on as it was not appealing anymore for the streamer.

Recently, Ninja uploaded throwback Fortnite videos rather than newly played ones and it seems obvious that he wants to play the game and entertain his viewers but not in this scenario.

However, SypherPK finally convinced him to play the game again. SypherPK tweeted that, “I’ve convinced @Ninja to some Fortnite games tomorrow, prepare yourselves.”

On 18th September, Ninja mentioned that he had “some serious bad days” in a row lately. He had felt a cloud of negativity around him during those days. And all of a sudden SypherPK texted him to play Fortnite a couple of days. He also added that he and Sypher had the most fun on the game in a long time and I’m feeling rejuvenated.

Though, the biggest question still arises on everyone’s mind is whether Ninja will continue playing and streaming Fortnite. There is a good possibility he will, given the fact that Epic Games has put in a good effort to make the season interesting and fun to play.

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