System Shock 3’s Future Remains Vague As Otherside Entertainment Reemerges

Despite reports earlier this year suggesting the worst, today Otherside Entertainment have assured fans it’s still around and working. And while it says a new concept is “coming along nicely,” the status of System Shock 3 remains unclear.

The sequel to the long-lost franchise was announced in 2015, with series creator Warren Specter returning to it in 2016. Starbreeze, the game’s publisher, relinquished the rights to distribution last year after extended financial and legal woes, with Otherside confirming it would continue with development. Since then System Shock 3 has only received a teaser trailer and has remained hidden since.

Earlier this year it was suggested by layoffs and reports from former employees that the project was all but officially cancelled. Otherside Entertainment didn’t respond until today, with VP of Marketing and Business Development Walter Somol reassuring fans that the studio is still operating. His post appears on Otherside’s official forums, in a thread regarding the studio’s layoffs.

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