Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020 | Is Tai Lopez A Scam Artist?

Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020 | Is Tai Lopez A Scam Artist?

Name Tai Lopez
Net Worth $60 million
Age 42
Source of wealth Entrepreneur
Nationality The United States of America

Tai Lopez, an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Social media personality, with 2.8 million followers on Instagram, 1 million subscribers on YouTube, 6.2 million fans on Facebook, and 1.2 million followers on Twitter!

The man who rose from Rags to Riches is an investor, partner, and advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses, through his well-liked book club and podcasts The Tai Lopez Show shares guidance on how to attain health, wealth, love, and happiness, with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show gets around 800,000 downloads per month. “Hey guys, I’m here in my garage…” This phrase gained him worldwide recognition, as showed his luxury cars, connected to a jaw-dropping mansion through the YouTube Ads.

Tai Lopez’s Net worth, 2020

Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020
Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020

On Logan Paul’s podcast in March 2019 Tai was asked about his net worth, to which he replied

“Online it says $5 million. I think that was 10 years ago. I always say underestimate your net worth, so let’s just say [my net worth is] $50 million.”

According to Los Angeles CPA, Tai’s net worth is a whopping $60 million!

This is what Tai had to say about people speculating his net worth: “Someone says “Tai only makes $3-5 million a year.” Is that true? People are always trying to figure out how much money. You can multiply that by a big number. $3-5 million would be bad for me. If I make $3 million in a month I might have a heart attack.”

Tai Lopez and Logan Paul
Tai Lopez and Logan Paul Podcast Behind The Scenes

Between 2010 to 2015 Tai ran a fleet of dating websites, this was how he first started earning significant sums of money online. Furthermore, he sells a great number of online courses, chiefly concerning entrepreneurship and self-help. His first course – The 67 steps, 224000 people have signed up till now, the estimate for the lifetime value of each person who has bought the course is $30, which would mean at least $6.7 million in revenue to date.

Considering the size of Tai’s audience, he’s more likely to generate 100+ total sales of his courses every day, which would put that income stream at something like $ 20-30 million per year.

Tai’s E-commerce store that sells “sleep-glasses” on Amazon makes him around $3000-4000 a day.  Also, Tai earns money as an affiliate for several businesses he promotes on his podcast. He’s also known to use affiliate links when recommending books. For every $1000 of book sales Tai generates on Amazon, he only receives $40-45 in commission.

Tai’s website MillionaireLifeCoach.com splurges people to a sales page, The coaching fee as listed on that page is $9,750 a month.

Tai’s Early Life

Tai Lopez Early Life
Tai Lopez Early Life

Born as Taino Adrian Lopez in April of 1977 in Long Beach, California, and raised by his mother and grandmother. His father was in prison throughout Tai’s childhood.

His family didn’t have much money growing up, and at the age of six he started his first business, selling cherry tomatoes with his mother for 25 cents a bag, he learned the importance of demand. He saw very quickly that not many people wanted to buy those tomatoes.

He switched to selling lemonade. That paid off for young Taino—in the time it took to sell a single 25-cent bag of tomatoes, he could sell $2.50 worth of lemonade. Even with the math skills of a six-year-old, he recognized that lemonade made him more money than cherry tomatoes could.

Long Beach has a high gang presence. As a fairly shy child, Tai had a hard time making friends, and rather than involve himself with the gangs that were expanding rapidly in the ‘80s, Lopez instead turned to books. He asked his grandfather for advice. His grandfather sent him a box of books to read on the topic.

Tai is a college drop- out and has worked odd jobs to save money for travel, and visited various countries.

At the age of 16, Tai wrote to him in hopes of gaining some of Grandpa’s wisdom. The response he got might have been a bit disheartening: “Tai, the modern world is too complicated. You’ll never find all the answers from just one person. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a handful of people throughout your life who will point the way.”

Tai went on to find his mentors,  He knew that learning the skills will make a concrete foundation to build a skyscraper of a wealthy career!

He told his first mentor Mike Stainback to teach him what he knows about money and he’ll work for him without any salary. Now Bill gates are Tai’s Business mentor, his investment advisor is Warren Buffet and Dalai Lama is his therapist.

Tai understands the importance of learning and mentorship. Since mentoring with Stainback, he has gone on to create his flagship online training program called “67 Steps.”

The 67 Steps Program attempts to simplify the process of personal profit to be set free and discover the good life. Lopez later created a podcast and a YouTube channel that has more than 900 thousand subscribers.

Tai now acts as an advisor and partner to more than 20 multi-million companies. He also created a book club to help people achieve their own “Good Life”.

Tai Lopez Favorite Quotes

Tai Lopez Quotes
Tai Lopez Quotes

Tai Lopez has inspired millions with his enthusiasm and ingeniousness, his luxury lifestyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, people have followed him and have managed to earn a great livelihood.

We are listing down some of his quotes which will surely inspire you to start a better life and will make you understand that there’s nothing wrong in WANTING IT ALL!

“You can get most things you want in life. It’s just that most goals will take one or two years longer than expected. Be patient.” – Tai Lopez

“If you’re having a hard time sticking to a schedule/procrastinating there’s a simple solution. Reduce time. Do less but be consistent.” – Tai Lopez

“If I could have one superpower, without a doubt, it would be the ability to stay cool under intense pressure. What could be more important?” – Tai Lopez

“Obsessed is a word used often by the lazy, to describe the dedicated.” – Tai Lopez

“KSE: remember, after Knowledge, you must Strategize and Execute.” – Tai Lopez

“The current education system forgot, you have to inspire kids. You can’t just lecture them.” – Tai Lopez

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want.” – Tai Lopez

“As you rise, the number of critics will also rise. Humans seek out negativity. It’s a cognitive bias of their brains. Stay focused and proceed.” – Tai Lopez

“Remember that your brain isn’t built for happiness. It’s built for survival. Happiness is something you have to create after-the-fact.” – Tai Lopez

“Be humble. Persevere. Read more. Toughen up.” – Tai Lopez

“Be careful about discouraging people’s dreams. They might just pull them off.” – Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez controversies and Is he scam?

Tai has been a controversial figure since bursting onto the scene in 2015, when he began heavily promoting his online programs, primarily via paid ads on YouTube.

Many people questioned how he became wealthy in the first place, whether he actually owned all those Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and if the big house he showed off in his videos was only a rental.

For more about his legitimacy. Check out this h3h3Productions video on Youtube:

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