Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap Jenelle Evans Lies again on TV!

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap Jenelle Evans Lies again on TV!

Jenelle Evans has gone through a variety of changes during her period at the Teen Mother two spotlight.

But many trends have remained regrettably continuous.

Yes, even if you understand Jenelle, you realize she loves to lie.

Or perhaps she simply can not prevent herself out of lying.

Hell, maybe she is one of these profoundly delusional kinds, and she does not even recognize she is spewing BS.

No matter the circumstance, dishonesty is second nature to the mom of three, and she had been on very top of her game when squaring off with Nessa through that week’s Teen Mother two reunion.

1. Ready For Battle

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans

On last week’s reunion, Jenelle stormed off set after host Nessa Diab confronted her about comments Jenelle posted on social media regarding Nessa’s boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick.

2. The Doctor Is In

Jenelle Evans

On Monday’s episode, however, Dr. Drew intervened and convinced Evans to re-take the stage.

3. So … Timing Was the Issue?

Jenelle Evans

“She couldn’t wait ’til the end? ‘Til we were done?” Jenelle cried backstage. “I’ve been having so many medical issues this whole trip, and the first thing I go out on stage, I get attacked.

4. Back At It

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans

Yes, Evans offered up some absurd excuses for her behavior, but eventually, she returned to the stage on the condition that her mother, Barbara Evans, be permitted to join her.

5. Confronted By Nessa

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans

Nessa stuck to her guns and asked Jenelle again about her comments regarding Kaepernick — and Jenelle responded in cowardly fashion, as usual.

6. A for Effort

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans

Evans insisted that she never made any such comments and that the anti-Kaepernick statements mysteriously appeared on her accounts. You almost have to admire the shamelessness. Almost.

7. Moving On

We believe Jenelle when she says she knows very little about Kaepernick or what he stands for … but we don’t believe her when she says she didn’t rush to judgment on the basis of bigotry and post public comments about his protests regardless. But to her credit, Nessa maintained her professionalism and moved on.

8. Jenelle vs. Kail, Round 1 Billion

The next topic of discussion was Jenelle’s never-ending feud with Kailyn Lowry.

9. Best Frenemies

As you’re probably aware, Evans and Lowry used to be friends, but these days, they’re mired in a bitter rivalry.

10. Flaming Olive Branch

Recently, Kail sent Jenelle some samples from her hair care line as a peace offering — and Jenelle filmed herself lighting the products on fire.

11. Far From Lit

Combine that with the recent incident in which Barbara threatened to “get lit and kill Kail” during an Instagram Live feed and it’s not hard to see why Jenelle wasn’t permitted to be on set at the same time as any of the other girls. And yet she still found a way to play the victim…

12. Here We Go Again

“I don’t want to be around her,” Jenelle said when asked about Kail. “I don’t know how I can trust her again — that’s the problem.”

13. Validation

“They have alienated Jenelle out of this group of girls for years,” Barbara added, sticking up for her daughter despite years of being bullied by Jenelle herself.

14. The Waterworks

From there, Jenelle once again began crying, this time while defending her controversial husband, David Eason.

15. One Mad Dad

“I honestly don’t want to reach out and I don’t want to lash out at anyone,” Jenelle sobbed. “But they will not stop talking about me and my husband, and it’s really upsetting.”
16. Oh, The Irony

“There’s so many good things happening at my house, and everyone’s getting along, and it really sucks that no one can see it,” Evans continued.

17. Define “Good”

Jenelle’s “good things” claim took place just weeks before David shot and killed her pet dog, prompting a CPS investigation that led her to lose custody of her children.

18. Makes Sense If You’re a Mad Man

Asked why Eason insisted on making it impossible for Teen Mom 2 crew to film Jenelle at home, Evans replied, “I think he was so angry, because they took him off the show. We know the reasons why, but they never gave him an explanation!”

19. Here’s Your Explanation

Of course, David’s actions contributed to MTV’s decision to fire Jenelle from the show, so Monday night’s reunion special might be her last appearance on Teen Mom 2.

20. In the Dark

Jenelle didn’t know all of this would take place when she filmed the special several weeks ago — but even then, it was beginning to look like her time on the show was coming to an end.

21. Parting Words

“It was fun, and I’m glad I got the opportunity and I’ll continue to post and share my life with everyone,” she said when asked for a final comment from Dr. Drew.

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