The Best Nintendo Switch Grip Now Comes In Animal Crossing-Inspired Colors

The Best Nintendo Switch Grip Now Comes In Animal Crossing-Inspired Colors

There’s a lot to love about the Nintendo Switch–its portability, its exclusives, its relatively affordable price tag–but for a console that’s designed to also be used as a handheld, there’s a major drawback: Portable mode is just uncomfortable. The flat Switch and Joy-Cons offer very little to grab onto when you’re trying to play in bed, on the couch, or elsewhere, and because of the button placement, it’s easy for your hands to start feeling a little cramped. It’s a little surprising Nintendo hasn’t come out with an official accessory of its own to address this issue, but fortunately, several third-party accessories brands have.

Nintendo Switch grips attach onto the console and give you a much more ergonomic grip when playing handheld, and one of the best Nintendo Switch grips just became even more appealing, as it’s now available in two new shades that are clearly inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Satisfye’s popular Switch and Switch Lite grips have previously only been available in black or white, but the brand has clearly taken notice of the hype around Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as its two newest shades conveniently match up with the pale green and blue colors seen on the (now sold-out) limited-edition Animal Crossing Switch and most of the game’s other merch. The new grip shades are available in Palm Green and Sky Blue, and they’re available to pre-order now for 15% off, with orders shipping on July 6. Normally $33, you can buy either color for $28 right now, which is about what Satisfye’s grips usually go for on Amazon. The two new shades are only available directly from Satisfye at this time, however.

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