The Division 2 Title Update 9 Patch Notes Revealed

Ubisoft has released the full patch notes for Title Update 9, the next update for The Division 2. The update will go live across all platforms during the maintenance period on April 21, which will see The Division 2 servers temporarily go down for three hours starting at 12:30AM PT / 3:30AM ET / 8:30AM BST.

Title Update 9 implements a new Exotic reconfigure feature that allows you to level up your gear’s power level and maintain its utility as you grow stronger. Several Exotics will be reworked as well–Sawyer’s Kneepads will get huge buffs while Imperial Dynasty, Dodge City Gunslinger, Diamondback, and Merciless/Ruthless get minor buffs. Both Lady Death and Bullet King get some minor changes too (they’re more straight reworks than all-out buffs or nerfs).

Like previous title updates, Title Update 9 is huge. Talents are being reworked, Named Items are getting adjusted, some main missions are changing, the loot system is getting some tweaks, and dozens of bug fixes are being implemented. You can get a better idea by looking through the patch notes, which are listed below. Warning: it’s pretty long.

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