The fear of coronavirus driving people to commit suicide! CHECK OUT THE DEATH TOLL!

The fear of coronavirus driving people to commit suicide! CHECK OUT THE DEATH TOLL!

The deadly virus has killed 69,479 people worldwide and the number is increasing every hour! On the other hand, reports are coming from around the world, of people committing suicide over the fear of being infected by a coronavirus. The stress will take more lives than the disease itself! A massive number of suicides are being reported every day which has frightened everyone and such incidents will give an empty to the ones who are mentally not resolute and scared of being infected. Suicide is not the way out. If a COVID-19 suspect is traced, he/she will be under the supervision of medical professionals who make every effort to cure the disease.

 Today, a 65 year old Lady from Kapurthala, Punjab killed herself over the suspicion of being infected by the coronavirus! This is not the only case of the “SUICIDAL TENDENCY” being caused by the fear of Coronavirus!  There are many more and this is another facet of the aftermath of this problem and needs to be taken into consideration! The mental strain will cause more deaths as people are afraid of being isolated and are unaware of the treatment that the suspects or the patients are given. There are some more suicide cases of people from around the world and the picture is terrifying!

An elderly couple from Amritsar committed suicide on 3rd of this month, Mr Balwinder Singh(57) and his wife Gurjinder Kaur(55) were found dead in their residence. The police said that they left a note mentioning  “ they are ending their lives due to coronavirus”. Whereas they they showed no symptoms of the disease, yet they took this unfortunate step!

The Finance Minister of Germany’s Hesse state, Thomas Schaefer, was found dead near a railway track. The Wiesbaden prosecution’s office said they deem he died by committing suicide. As he was concerned over the pandemic and the economic fallout that it will cause.

Another shocking case was reported in New Delhi, As a man allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the seventh floor of a hospital in Safdarjung. The man was brought by the airport authorities as a coronavirus suspect and was put in the isolation ward in no time.

This doesn’t end here! Two youngsters of U.P committed suicide over the suspicion of being infected by Coronavirus. One of them was a resident of Hapur district of U.P, He killed himself by cutting the Veins of his neck and wrist, and the latter one belonged to Bareilly district who jumped on the railway track at Bareilly railway station.

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