The Nintendo Switch’s Best Pro Controller Alternative Gets A Great Discount

When it comes to Nintendo Switch controllers, there are two manufacturers that stand above the rest: Nintendo and 8BitDo. Nintendo is naturally the leader with the Joy-Con and excellent Pro controller, but 8BitDo has a variety of well-made Switch controllers–a whopping five of them are featured on our best Nintendo Switch controllers roundup. One of our favorite 8BitDo Switch controllers happens to be on sale right now. The SN30 Pro Plus–a stellar substitute for the Pro controller–is discounted to $40 at Amazon.

SN30 Pro Plus — $40 (was $50)

The 8BitDo SN30 Pro Plus looks like an SNES controller–if an SNES controller had long handles, a pair of joysticks, and four triggers. For those who prefer aligned joysticks, it’s a better pick than the Pro controller. It’s also highly customizable. Using included software for PC or Mac, you can map buttons and adjust both joystick and trigger sensitivity. Additionally, it has modifiable rumble (not HD rumble though), motion controls, and charges via an included USB-C cable just like the Pro controller. However, it doesn’t have NFC support for Amiibo. The 8BitDo SN30 Pro Plus is our pick for the best alternative to the Pro controller–plus it’s much cheaper, especially at $10 off.

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