The Outer Worlds DLC Investigates “Peril On Gorgon”

The Outer Worlds was one of GameSpot’s Best Games of 2019, an Obsidian RPG with a spacefaring setting and a distinct outlook on corporate power and politics. Obsidian finished the year with a vague promise of more to come, but now we’ve finally received more details. During Microsoft’s Xbox Series X event, Obsidian showed off the first major expansion, Peril on Gorgon. It’s coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 9.

The expansion takes you to the Gorgon asteroid, an abandoned Halcyon research site that has been taken over by marauders. A wealthy recluse named Minnie Ambrose asks you to find answers about what happened to the project director, her mother Dr. Olivia Ambrose, starting the gumshoe-style mystery. Obsidian promises new characters and enemies, three new science weapons like the melee Pest Extermination Tool (PET), and more character customization with an increased level cap and more perks and flaws to unlock.

A trailer during the presentation

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