“There’s a Johnny Silverhand in All of Us”- Keanu Reeves on His Character in Cyberpunk 2077

“There’s a Johnny Silverhand in All of Us”- Keanu Reeves on His Character in Cyberpunk 2077

The one game that has managed to make fans happy and mind-numbingly crazy at the same time is Cyberpunk 2077. For a project that was announced 8 years ago, CDPR is surely taking its own sweet time to release the final product of their efforts. The game has already been delayed 4 times due to several reasons; however, the developers found a way to keep the audience intrigued.

Enter Night City Wire, a planned series of episodes that CDPR broadcasted to give the fans updates regarding the game, its features, and other stuff related to it. Similarly, in the latest episode, CDPR revealed a new gameplay trailer, along with some BTS footage of Keanu Reeves a.k.a. Johnny Silverhand.

Keanu Reeves shares his thoughts on playing Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077

This was an entirely different experience for Keanu. He said “I’ve had the opportunity to do voiceover a few times. I’ve worked on a cartoon, I have done some documentaries, I’ve never done this much”

Starring in a video game as a character is clearly something different from the usual. The motion capture, the stunts, and even the voiceover sessions can be different from movies. Keanu definitely would’ve been overwhelmed with this since It was his first time appearing in a game.

Furthermore, Keanu also explained how he had to play the same character differently. With the game offering various dialogue choices to players, the characters and NPCs interact differently based on the selected responses. “You almost get to play one moment so you have a decision, with 3 different behavioral attitudes. So that was fun.”

Furthermore, Keanu goes on to spill more details about his character, Johnny Silverhand. “So you get to see Johnny as the rockstar. You know you hear about his military past and he’s fighting for his survival. So he’s kinda got all of these things leaning into the moment of this guy. It’s really a kind of an interpretation because I think there’s a Johnny Silverhand in all of us. He’s got a lot of energy, a good sense of humor, if not a little dark at times.”

Clearly, it seems like Keanu really dove into the character to bring Johnny to life. This only helps CDPR’s cause even further considering Keanu is already loved by everyone. With him giving his 100% as Johnny, fans can only expect the spectacular from the game, if not more. Cyberpunk 2077 is all set to release on December 10; hopefully; without any delays this time.

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