Timeline: The Complete Resident Evil Story Explained

Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise spans numerous games across multiple generations of hardware, both console and portable. And, rather amazingly, the majority of these games feed into one, ongoing storyline. Sure, it might be a sprawling, messy, complex, and often confusing story, but it’s also fascinating and fun.

Whether it’s the seven mainline games, the multiple spin-offs, or the handful of DLC expansions, each game has something key to add to the rather dense Resident Evil universe. Of course, given the magnitude of it all, you couldn’t be blamed for losing track of it all or even not quite understanding how the pieces fit together. Well, it just so happens we’ve put together a video to help you sort through it all.

In this episode of Timeline, we run through the entire story of the Resident Evil franchise, from its very start when Lord Oswell E. Spencer commissioned the creation of a certain mansion, to its most recent entry with Ethan Winters encountering a strange family in the Louisiana bayou.

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