Trails Of Cold Steel 4 Pre-Order Guide: Release Date, Limited Edition, And Where To Buy

The next game in the Trails of Cold Steel saga is set to release in just a few months, and it will bring the popular JRPG sub-series to a close. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV will launch worldwide for PlayStation 4 on October 27, 2020, with Nintendo Switch and PC ports planned for 2021. The Cold Steel arc, which is part of the Trails series and The Legend of Heroes franchise, kicked off in 2015 (in the US) with the release of Trails of Cold Steel on PS3 and PS Vita, so Trails of Cold Steel IV will give fans a finale that’s been five years in the making. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the game, pre-orders for Trails of Cold Steel IV are live now, and there are a couple of editions with various pricing to consider.

Trails of Cold Steel IV’s story picks up two weeks after the battle at the end of Trails of Cold Steel III, as Juna, Kurt, and Altina awaken to realize Rean has been captured by Chancellor Osborne. Now led by Juna, Class VI sets off to rescue Rean and put an end to Osborne’s plans, which will bring about the end of the world, once and for all. The turn-based gameplay remains the same, although Trails of Cold Steel IV introduces new S-Craft techniques as well as powerful Lost Arts for each character in combat. The game also boasts the largest roster in the series’ history, with returning characters from the Trails in the Sky trilogy and the Crossbell arc.

If you’re ready to pre-order Trails of Cold Steel IV, check out the two editions available to pre-order now below. In the meantime, Trails of Cold Steel III is releasing on Nintendo Switch in just one week, and you can pre-order its physical Extracurricular edition now, which comes with some bonus collectibles.

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