Twitch Issues A Statement On Streamer Allegations While The Community Calls For A Blackout

It could no longer be said that gaming is having a #metoo moment, but rather an ongoing #metoo movement. Amid a new wave of allegations surfacing on social media, those who have previously named their abusers are now demanding to know why the platforms that host known abusers’ content have not acted to take them down–with Twitch at the center of the controversy.

With multiple tweets claiming that Twitch has been given information on how some of their big-name partners are using that platform to abuse women, and chosen not to act on it, streamers and fans called on Twitch and its CEO Emmett Shear to step up.

Shear has now shared an internal Twitch email sent on the subject, while Twitch has put out an official statement, but some don’t think the statement is enough.

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