Recently, a video was posted on Twitter by a Twitter employee, where the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was asking Tesla chief Elon Musk for advice that how they can make Twitter better.

Both tech giant companies chief had their conversation over video conference, while Jack was conducting an conference with thousands of Twitter employees on Thursday. Between that a Twitter employee recorded the conversation between Musk and Dorsey.

During the conversation, Dorsey requested a ‘Direct Feedback’ to Musk. ‘Give us some direct feedback, what we are doing poorly? What could we be doing better? What’s your hope for our potential as a service?’, Jack says.

Musk, despite being a billionaire who runs multiple tech companies including Tesla and SpaceX, is a prolific Twitter user with more than 30 million followers.

Jack also added, ‘If you were running the Twitter what would you do? By the way, do you want to run the Twitter?’

According to a video of the conversation posted by a Twitter employee, Musk said it would be “helpful to differentiate” between real and fake users.

“Is this a real person, or is this a bot net, or a sort of troll army, or something like that?” he said.

He continued: “Basically, how do you tell if the feedback is real or someone trying to manipulate the system, or probably real, or probably trying to manipulate the system. What do people actually want, what are people actually upset about versus manipulation of the system by various interest groups.”

Musk is highly active on Twitter, responding to Tesla customers, random internet users, and challenging Tesla short sellers. His use of the social network has landed him in trouble too. He was sued last year by British cave diver Vernon Unsworth, whom Musk described as a “pedo guy.” Musk won the defamation case.

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