#UninstallBookMyShow: WHAT WENT WRONG?

#UninstallBookMyShow: WHAT WENT WRONG?

Trending on twitter is now the hashtag #UninstallBookMyShow and here is how it all went downhill for the app which was earlier used by almost every household.

On April 10, the twitter handle of Book My Show had posted a tweet promoting Hussain Haidry and his live video on Instagram.

This didn’t sit well with many nationalists and devout Hindus as Hussain Haidry, an Indian poet, writer and lyricist has been involved in a lot of controversies due to his Anti-Hindu opinions and him urging to people to violence, burning houses and even kill a man if provided with the chance. He has also talked ill about the Brahmins by calling them the root of all evils in the country.

So when Book My Show posted a tweet of the poet, they received a severe backlash from everyone who asked how they could support an Anti-Hindu artist and a movement of uninstalling the app has been circulating on the social media for such hateful sentiments toward Hindus.


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